The Skin - Our Strength, Our Passion

A few simple but fundamental reasons define the strengths of UAS Pharmaceuticals which have been the reason for the company's success and growth. A healthly skin, is a happy skin, is a beautiful skin.

Focus on the Patient and Dermatologist

The products are made with purpose in mind, solving real needs for both patient and dermatologist. For the patients, the products are easy to use and are gentle to the skin but effective on the problem. For the dermatologist, the products have non-toxic ingredients and are safe formulations that will cause no side effects, making it easier for the dermatologist to treat the patient. Our products solve real needs for both patient and dermatologist which leads to high patient satisfaction.

Focus on Service & Results

Understanding the needs and wants of our customers is an ongoing and ever changing process, our reliable and dedicated field force are the key in this area. To ensure we cater for their needs and requirements, to ensure we are in regular touch with the medical fraternity, we have established regional offices in Asia and the Middle East.